Assembly is the part of the work and the site that I will enjoy building the most.   Things come together.   Here we are putting things into the car, not taking them out.


The site has been recently updated to break up the assembly so that it is more organized.   Here I will detail the Suspension and brake assembly.   You can see the Engine and Transmission on a separate page.





Putting the differential and rear end back in.


12 April 2005 - Some picture updates.


Front End nearly complete.   Adjustable upper control arms.


Waiting for the spindles to come back from powder coating.   We have cleaned

the surfaces.  We will apply primer and undercoat.  

Do I put on Steel Braided Brake Lines??


14 April 2005

Front suspension view from the light on the front fender.


Rear end nearly complete.   View looking rearwards.


Rear end looking forward.   Is that an oil leak????






28 April 2005

Spindles back from powder coating.


Great view from the light - next springs and shocks


Rear prop shaft back from powder coating and assembled.


Ready for install - this is next..


Performance springs and Koni Reds.

This is not a view that you can usually see.  LHS.







Left hand wheel arch - next brakes and then wheels.


That is a 1" sway bar.   This is going to be as stiff as a gocart.....


Updated May 1, 2005


Wheels back from powder coating.  They look awesome!!



Brake calipers back from powder coating.  Next the rebuild.

This is really going to look outstanding.  I am really excited.


Updated May 5, 2005




Calipers rebuilt!


Rear drivers side brake.   I still need to clean up the disks.


Front drivers side.



Left Drivers Side.   Pads not yet installed.


Does this not look totally awesome!!


Some unusual shots.  Enjoy!






Updated 13 May 2005


Front steering linkage in.  Wheels need to be aligned and set up.


New rear brake line.  New fuel pump (Holley) lower pressure

for carburetors.   New fuel hose.


Tires on.  New brake lines.




Car back on wheels.   Suspension complete.  Brakes Complete.


Off to upholstery......






Still Loads to do.   Complete by May 27th looking unlikely.






Made you look!





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