This section - Mechanical - will detail the preparation and other work being done on the car before assembly.   I will differentiate the two sections by Mechanical preparation being taking things out and restoring them, and assembly being the putting things together and reinstalling them into the car.    It is somewhat gray for definition purposes so enjoy both pages.  


The car arrived at the shop and the first thing that was done was the suspension was removed.   


This was required since a new suspension is to be installed.   The usual upgrades - Koni's, performance springs, polyurethane bushings, all new rubber, etc.   


All the suspension component were off to the Powder Coaters for powder coating with the exception of the rear end which will be power cleaned and painted after new bearings and seals.


Wheels off to a restoration house for repair and Powder Coating.   The wheels are Cromodora Turbinas.  


The engine was rebuilt.   New bearings on the bottom end.   Balanced.  The head was re-machined with bigger valves and polished ports.   New rings (the pistons and sleeves were excellent).   Loose engine assembly and then the engine went off for blasting.   It looks so cool.   Note the valve cover is wrong - not from a 74.   The final valve cover will be crinkle painted red - of course!




All synchros in the transmission were replaced, new bearings and seals, and the entire box was also blasted









You can see the seats 

behind the transmission. 


















Pictures of the underside.  You can see the repairs on the drivers side.   We are looking forward if you don't know.


Looking back from the front.


Updated - 4/2/2005


Flywheel machined and new KEVLAR clutch :-)


Engine being stripped after blasting for new components


Fist of suspension parts back from the powder coaters.   New polyurethane bushings throughout.  Koni Reds!



Updated - 4/9/2005




Head off the motor for installing motor and transmission into the engine bay.

Head has bigger valves.  This is THE Hemispherical head.


Manifold being prepped for Webbers.


Interior cleaned and being readied for upholstery.


Gas tank removed and stripped for boiling.   It was a bitch to get out and we 

dented the rear fender from the neck.  SH1t!!!!


Gas tank back from boiling and restore.


Look what came to visit!



Ferrari Testarossa Flat "Boxer" 12


Lamborghini Countach V12


Alfa Romeo Twin Cam Four


Things are starting to come together.







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