Assembly is the part of the work and the site that I will enjoy building the most.   Things come together.   Here we are putting things into the car, not taking them out.


The site has been recently updated to break up the assembly so that it is more organized.   Here I will detail the engine (and engine bay) and the transmission assembly.   You can see the suspension on a separate page.



9 April 2005  Today we mounted the transmission to the motor.   Not a lot of words but a great feeling.   These pictures do not do it justice.   It is Magnificent!!



Steering box being reinstalled.


12 April 2005 - Some picture updates.


The Engine has Landed!  Wait for the remainder of the red accents to come in.


Pedal Box has been blasted and installed.  Blasted Aluminum Looks

so cool!!


View looking forward at transmission.  The cross member still needs painting.

I will paint this flat black.


14 April 2005 - Top end being prepared for Install

This is magnificent.   Pictures do it no justice.   It is spectacular.


Carburetor Manifold in place.


High temperature white paint on the exhaust manifold.  Looks amazing!!





Vacuum assist with new master cylinders. 


16 April 2005 - Update


New water pump installed.   

Red accents with cadmium plated nuts starting to show.


Reservoirs in place - Front View


Side View.


New Slave Cylinder and oil pressure sending unit.

Starter (Megnetti Mirelli) is being rebuilt.  Will have new solenoid.


View looking forward at transmission.  New donut will be installed

when prop shaft gets back from powder coating.


Differential.  There is some "schmutz" behind the heat shield.  

I will need to get that out.


Updated May 5, 2005

Drive shaft being installed.   New donut!


Head on, valve cover off.   A thing of beauty!


Note the front plugs are for the A/C.   I may leave them in to attach a banner at shows.

I may take them out and replace them.   I don't know yet!





Comments?  Feedback??


Updated 5 May 2005


Valve cover on - Trial fit of webbers.


I am sorry, but you are going to have to eat your hearts out.

Its Mine!!


Prop Shaft has landed!



Gas tank back in.  No damage this time!


Exhaust goes in




And the tail pipe.....  Note the light is in.  Everything first trial fit and then final.


Now the radiator goes in and the distributor and ignition.



New oil filter and new dip stick


Is this not cool???


Fuel pressure regulator on brake thingie.



Coil will have to move since it interferes with the air box.


Air box before...

And after


Updated July 30 2005 - Race for Laguna Seca/Concorso Italiano


Plumbing and electrical starting to take shape.  Ignition relocated to prevent 

interference with air box.  New shroud, new fan, new hoses.


More modern alternator - why live in the past?   

More output and with a built in voltage regulator.   I apologize in advance to the purists

but this car is being built to drive and I never said "Concourse".


Appearance of red accents is starting to look hot.


New water reservoir.   I will have to tidy up the wires!   Top port of water pump plugged.

This is since the manifold is for carbs.   Euro pumps did not have the top port I am told.


And there they are.....   My Weber 40's.


Another View


Updated August 4, 2005 - Race for Laguna Seca/Concorso Italiano

See the red between the carbs above?  That's the linkage.  See below 1.

See the fuel supply hose on the left?  See below 2.


Below 1 - Linkage, new starter, carb support.


Below 2 - Fuel pressure regulator.  This is not standard.


Any guesses what those relays are about?

I could tell you but I would have to kill you!


Bottom.  First picture since sump guard has been put in. Heat shield.

Cross member has been cleaned and painted.  Flywheel dust cover in.


Middle prop shaft support in.   I will have to clean the "shmutz" off the 

exhausts and clean the gearbox.   Heat shield on speedometer cable.

I want a new grounding strap!


Look at this.   My newly painted sump guard has been scratched.

I wonder if that will ever happen again?

Oh, yeah - some oil droplets.   A booboo we will not mention.


Vacuum assist hose.


And other side.












Made you look!





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