The body shop was an interesting experience.   The dash was removed prior to going to the body shop.   Since the work was contracted in, the choice of body shop was not mine.   The first body shop refused to do the work.   The second body shop was a bit of a butcher.  He cut out the panels and welded new ones in but it did not meet with my approval so I insisted that the car be taken to a reputable shop.


Dash Removed


Second body shop's attempted repair.


Another view of the repair.


At the third body shop the entire floor pan (top and bottom) was shot blast to pure clean metal.   All the rust was cut out and new steel was welded in.   These guys were a class act and I could see they knew exactly what they were doing.   Lots of other collector cars there in various stages of restoration.   All of very good quality.  


I saw the car with the floor blasted but forgot my camera when I went to inspect it (something I am going to regret forever).   There really wasn't a lot of rust and it confirmed that there was no other rust in the entire floor area.   Water must have gotten into the drivers side and just rotted out the two low points.   These were perfectly repaired.


I decided for various reasons to re-spray the entire car.   Silver is a hard color to match and there were a few dings and dents, and some scratches that I wanted out.   Doing it with the car in this stage was ideal and I took advantage of the opportunity.   All of the body work was done to my satisfaction and I approved the car for painting.   The owner of shop promised that he would take pictures for me before he shot it.   This is what I got:




You can see the bonnet (hood) in the foreground.


After painting I went to inspect the car again.  This time I took my camera.   These pictures were taken after the car came out of the booth.





The car was then color sanded and lightly polished.   It will be returning to the body shop for final color sanding and a final polish after assembly but before chrome.






The entire inside floor and underside floor pan was coated with POR 15.   

You can see the caulking around the areas where new steel was welded in.   

The floor is dusty from over spray.


View looking back.   All original caulking was removed and new caulking applied.





More pictures of the floor will be taken when I clean it up.   I will take from both sides.


From here it is off to the restorers shop.   All mechanicals will be rebuild.   Virtually everything will be new or as new.


Updated July 30 2005 - Race for Laguna Seca/Concorso Italiano


The car reached the stage where it was back to the bodyshop for final color sand and polish.   Those few areas that were damaged, such as the bump from the gas tank neck, and some scrapes were also repaired.


You can see glass is in, rear bumper is on (no over riders - it looks much cleaner), 

back tray in. seats in, most chrome and molding on.


Ride height has also been adjusted.


Front Lights are in - She is starting to look great!


A thing of Beauty!







74 Alfa Romeo GTV; Introduction; What I Bought; Bodyshop; Mechanical; Assembly