First of the interior assembly.   The dash is back from Just Dashes.   It looks good but all of the parts are missing.  We will have to get them back.



Updated May 21, 2005


The car came back from the upholstery shop.   It now has a new headliner, new carpets, new parcel shelf, new front pillar inserts, new rear wheel covers, complete new trunk lining, etc.


Rear headliner, stepped section. 


Front headliner.   Correct shark tooth material.


Interior from drivers side.   Looks a bit better than before.


View from rear.   Interior still needs a lot of work.   Front glass on right side carpet.

I am very happy with the quality of the interior work.   Also looks a bit better than before.

Trial fit of dash.


From the rear.   Does anyone have a pattern for the wood on the dash and center console?



Passenger glass goes in.


Updated July 30 2005 - Race for Laguna Seca/Concorso Italiano

Seats are in.   Better pictures when I can get better angles.


Updated August 4, 2005 - Race for Laguna Seca/Concorso Italiano


Moving ahead.   Very dusty in the shop.  Will need a good vacuum.


Door gasket is way to long.   Will need to be customized.   Won't run down supplier!

Don't worry about the steering wheel.   I have a brand new "Lisa" and gear knob.


Rear fit is great.   New seat belts - safety first.   Belts in back bench for young'uns.


Dash veneer should be in today!


I will still need to detail the arm rests.  The door panels are good!

Yes that is a Miura in the background.




More, much more to follow......







Made you look!




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