We are starting with the assembly of the glass chrome and bits and pieces.   This is really cleaning and reconditioning parts to start.   Actually most of restoration is cleaning and restoring.


This week I cleaned and restored the light canisters, the sump guard and the hood catch.   I will continue to clean and document but I thought that I would illustrate the rejuvenation of the hood latch.





Updated May 25, 2005 - Interior Handles and lights


I think that these are cast Puta.  I have given them a brushed finish since buffing them made them too shiny for my likings.   I will need new switches and some of the internal plastic has just failed from time.


After and before.  It looks great but I cannot get the original finish.  Any ideas appreciated.


Close up of the passenger seat handle end piece.   Before and after


Before and after.  The plastic has just disintegrated on the switch.


Updated August 4, 2005 - Race for Laguna Seca/Concorso Italiano


Most of the glass and chrome to date can be seen in the bodyshop page.   The remainder will be here.

New Grill from OKP in.  Front bumper on.   No overiders.   

Right hand light will be changed.

What connects on to those two brackets behind the grill?


Rear Bumper.   No over riders here either.  

Only chrome acorn nuts and highly polished stainless steel.


Side markers minus the ugly black gasket.   Looks really clean.




H O R R O R 

In bleeding the brakes there was some splatter on the

left fender in the picture.   This will need to go back to the bodyshop.


New mirror with Alfa Logo.   New door handles.


Updated 14 August 2005


Today the finished page begins!!   Although the car is not complete by a long shot, it is drivable and presentable.   I took the car on a drive today for the first time.   It was a reasonably long drive.   The car handles magnificently.  There are some rattles and squeaks.   The rev counter cable needs some work - it sounds like a lasso is in there!   The carbs need to be set properly.   Front window needs finishing trim.  All trim needs the retainers.  Windows need to be aligned.  Windscreen wipers need to be installed.  the list goes on.


Here are some images for you to enjoy.


My sump guard got scratched again!  No over riders.  Wipers need to be put on.

Front badge needs to be put on.   Windscreen molding to be done.  

Still needs a final polish!




It is looking beautiful.   Bonnet needs slight aligning.


Is that not the perfect ride height??


Number plate frame has light.   Sweet and clean.   

This is the third trunk gasket.  We cannot get it to fit  properly.

You can see the Healey in the garage.


You can see the trunk fit!  Interior is done and looks great.


Door panel.


Trunk fully carpeted.   Still need the finish trim on the top.  And the gasket??


What a motor....


First picture with the air filter and the bonnet (hood to you).


There is an extra hose here.  Can you see it?   

Fuel pressure regulator gone; it was problematic.   Running perfectly without it.

And, there is no return line.   This is how it was done in Italy!


The car drove like a dream.   Its water temperature and oil pressure was dead on.  The instrument cluster needs some work.   Not all the things work.



More, much more to follow......






















Made you look!





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